Objectives – Educate institutions & families – signs, symptoms and effects

    There is so much ignorance or lack of will within institutions to tackle this problem that this ignorance in itself is a major contributor to the child abuse epidemic. Every citizen needs to be educated to the whole spectrum of issues that surround child abuse so that more can be done to spot it and deal with it before it happens preferably, or before it gets too serious and causes life changing trauma for children and their families.
    Most importantly those that have the best opportunity to spot signs of abuse need to be educated – children themselves,  parents and schools.
    Children need to be educate in the multitude of methods that groomers use to befriend them and thereafter turn that friendship into entrapment and abuse.
    Parents need to be educated similarly so that they can safeguard their children better preventativley, and also to the signs and symptoms of early stages grooming and ongoing abuse so that it may stopped before it gets too serious and the police can be informed.
    Police and other institutions need to be educated so that they can deliver a service that is best suited to safeguarding our children with empathy and without judgement.
    Schools need to educate children, parents need to be educated to the signs, symptoms and effects of abuse as they are the first line once children walk out the door every day and a child’s behaviour at school will give tell tale signs that something is not normal about their life outside of school.  Professional curiosity must be drummed into any professional that comes into contact with children.