Objectives – Campaign for independent inquiries in all towns effected

  • CAMPAIGN FOR INDEPENDENT INQUIRIES IN ALL TOWNS EFFECTEDThere has been at best – systemic cover ups, cowardly blind eyes, collusion, and political vote rigging that has contributed to decades of child rape, torture and trafficking by councils and institutions all over the country that have allowed Pakistani grooming gangs to flourish into becoming an untouchable epidemic.

    At its worst there is a nationwide criminal conspiracy, organised crime involving Pakistani mafia families nationwide in tandem with elected officials and security agencies that has allowed for reasons already mentioned the disgusting exploitation of generations of children.

    The people that have allowed this to happen as well as the pepetrators have to be held accountable.
    Lessons need to be learnt. Safeguards have to be put in place. Heads must roll. Victims need a voice. Victims need to see justice served.

    It has been proven that the only way to achieve anything like a succesful outcome is to have an independent inquiry performed by IICSA or another body that will not shirk from exposing the realities of what has lead to
    an estimated million child rapes in the UK by Pakistani grooming gangs.

    The same can be said for less organised and smaller outbreaks of child rape like within the Catholic church and other institutions that are established to develop childrens growth into adults.  Cadets, scouts, guides, sport clubs etc etc.