Objectives – Campaign for no bail for CSA & CSE defendants


Why should a child  have to walk past a man or group of men that have recenty raped them.

Why should those men be allowed the opportunity to intimidate or belittle the child so that they re-enact the pain and horror of what they had to endure at the hands of vile perverts.
Why should these men be left on the streets to be able to attack other children before they have even gone to court and served a sentence and undergone therapy for their dabased perception of how to treat children.

Even in cases of gang rape where multiple samples of semen have been collected by forensic investigators at the scene of the horrific crime, the vile rapists have been given bail to walk the streets freely, with more rights than their child victims.

We say NO MORE! Lock them up and keep the streets safe while investigations are under way. There are  many cases of child rapists absconding and disappearing back to the safety of whatever country they came from in the first place.

When they are released they should face onerous tagging and reporting restrictions for years until they have proven they may be cured of their debased urges.

One high profile case that highlights this issue is where one disgusting gang of child rapists were allowed their freedom and the ability to earn a living in the very same take away food shop that they gang raped an innocent child in.  They could have gang raped any number of other innocent children in the time it took before they were found guilty