Objectives – Parent patrols, hot spots, surveillance etc.

Unfortunately our police service has been degraded to such an extent that there is almost zero in the way of community policing with street patrols within the community and speaking to the local neighbourhood, parents, shopkeepers etc that can provide the best source of local knowledge. Criminals are aware of this and act with impunity. Criminal gangs that groom children from fast food shops and off licences are allowed to get away with it for  a number of reasons but one of the reasons is certainly the fact that police are not on the streets to gain the vital intelligence and witness the vulnerability of children when they are in the grips of grooming gangs.
One of the ways in which we will deal with grooming is to instigate parent patrols based upon and in association the pioneering work done by PAG UK – Parents Against Grooming, based in Rochdale. Founder Billy Howarth is responsible for building a team of dedicated parents that patrol the streets not as vigilantes in any way whatsoever, but as mentors and evidence gatherers. They patrol known hot spots and travel hubs where children congregate and are vulnerable to grooming, they include parks, train bus and tram stations where children will travel through on their way to meet adult groomers in neighbouring towns.  The patrols in Rochdale have undoubtedly saved many children from abuse and bought to justice many perpetrators of child abuse and exploitation.